3 Myths That Are KILLING Your Stamina

It's frustrating and embarrassing when one ejaculates too soon during sex. 

 Could you imagine lasting longer and bringing your woman to orgasm before you cave into your own sexual arousal?

Of course you can! And guess what? 75% of men also wish they had greater stamina and control 

Hopefully these myths of premature ejaculation (PE) will help banish your early ejaculation woes for good!

Myth #1 - PE = A sexual disease you're doomed with forever

 Great News! Premature Ejaculation can be clinically diagnosed as a sexual ailment, BUT it is in no way a disease or a form of illness.

 premature ejaculation could be caused by many things, the root issues being mostly psychological or mental issues. 

when you know how to re-wire and re-condition your brain, you can easily reverse a lifetime of ejaculation problems that could have stemmed from any point in your life.

Myth #2 -  Do "distraction methods" actually work?

Surprisingly, this does do the job sometimes. 

Some men find that thinking of something other than sex can help control he brakes.

 This little trick almost works TOO well. It can distract one from actually enjoying sex. Truth is, with a little reconditioning you can experience a full healthy love life and attain total control.

Myth #4 - Pills are the #1 secret to treat early ejaculation problems

Some pills claim to boost your sexual endurance and add hours to your lovemaking sessions..

But the secret's out: there is no hard evidence to back this up. 

PE is largely due to psychological underpinnings, behavioral or natural conditioning methods that address the mental triggers of ejaculation are the best ways to permanently counter PE.

If you are interested in learning even more about transforming your sex life, Our Recommended Solutions  page contains Exclusive tips and tricks that have helped thousands of guys go the distance!

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