Not Lasting Long Enough In Bed? Here's How To Give Her Amazing Sex (This Is Embarrassingly Easy!)

Okay guys, who else wants to learn how to last longer during sex? I reckon most of you would love to do that, right? There is nothing to be embarrassed about wanting to last longer. In fact, according to Men's Health, as many as 70 percent of men want to know how to improve their sexual stamina. So you have good company!

Unfortunately, there is a huge disparity between what men want, and what women desire...
The secret to GREAT sex is NOT just to last longer...

Okay, being able to last long enough is a great thing. But for most guys, sex is all about the "end goal", the big climax. For women, it really is about how they are being brought to the end result, that is, their journey towards an orgasm.

The reason most men want to improve their stamina is because they are mistaken this is the only way their partners can enjoy sex. The simple truth is, having intercourse for 15 minutes or longer can be a pretty uncomfortable experience (and possibly even a painful one) for a woman. This is because constant thrusting usually causes the vagina to dry up.
So how do you get around this?

The way to GREAT sex is to simply learn about your woman's sexual needs. Every woman is unique. Each has her own intricacies when it comes to lovemaking, for example, specific areas on her body that she desires to be touched. Some women love prolonged physical foreplay; others prefer some dirty communication under the sheets. Some prefer the missionary position; others feel very sexy with "doggie style".

The key is to learn what she likes, and focus on that, regardless of how long you can last. Hint: You won't go wrong with oral sex. Relative to size, your tongue has the strongest muscle on your body. It can create incredible orgasmic sensations for a woman just by learning how to go down on her!

So a man's endurance is no longer important?

It is still important, but you only need to last as long as it takes for her to reach an orgasm. And when you learn to focus on her sexual needs and heighten her arousal first, you will lower her orgasmic threshold.

The faster she comes to a climax, the less emphasis on your ability to last. So, if she typically takes 15 minutes to achieve the big 'O' and you can lower that to 5 minutes (for example, through proper foreplay), than you literally just need to last 5 minutes. Makes plenty of sense, doesn't it?

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