The Truth About Multiple Orgasms

By Guest Author Lorenzo Martini 
 Most women who have experienced both claim that it is easier 
to have multiple G-spot orgasms than it is to have multiple 
clitoral orgasms. If an orgasm rears its lovely head while you 
two are playing, try whispering some words of encouragement (and 
perhaps ratchet up the intensity just a little bit), but basically 
continue pleasuring through her orgasm, afterwards, and possibly 
into a next one. 

As long as it still feels good for both of you, what's the point 
of stopping? There is often a "pyramid effect" with multiple G-spot 
orgasms; each one makes the next one feel better, and makes almost 
anything else sexual feel better too. 

However, as I said earlier everybody is a little different, and 
quality is obviously more important than quantity.

It IS true for some women that G-Spot play may become more likely 
to result in orgasm over a period of weeks or months after first 
starting to experiment with it. It is also true that the intensity 
of G-Spot orgasms may be directly related to pubococcygeal muscle 
tone, which is another incentive for doing regular PC muscle 

 If you're a woman and you want to try including your G-Spot
when masturbating, one good combination of toys would be a 
vibrator (used on your clitoris as you're getting warmed up).

By the way, in general it isn't a good idea to have a 
huge ego/emotional stake in having (or "giving") orgasms
or multiple orgasms; most sex educators believe it isn't 
helpful to get "goal oriented" about something that's supposed 
to be fun.

Thanks for reading,

Lorenzo Martini

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