How To Skyrocket Your Ejaculation (You'd Never Expect This)

By Guest Author Lorenzo Martini
Question: How do I make my ejaculate more powerful regarding 
distance and quantity of semen?

Let's start with distance. First, the pelvic floor muscle plays an 
important part in the strength of your erections and ejaculatory 
control. To locate this muscle simply stop the flow of urine. 

You will feel the muscle contracting at the base of your penis 
and across the pelvic floor, including your anus. Just as the 
first feelings of climax begin, completely tighten the pelvic 
floor muscles. 

The automatic contractions of orgasm will inevitably begin and due 
to the pressure you are exerting with the sustained muscular 
tension, your load should shoot farther.

To gain more power and distance, you have two options. Firstly, 
integrate some sort of anal penetration into your solo sex. 
Slipping in a butt plug or fingers will put pressure on the 
prostate and urinary tract. A similar thing happens when you 
mash your thumb over the opening of a freely flowing water hose. 
 It makes the water stream shoot farther and harder. Second, 
increasing and prolonging your level of arousal can help to 
increase the amount of ejaculate you produce. Some of my most 
powerful ejaculations have occurred after a sustained period of 
high arousal. 

Now for quantity. This depends on the individual, his age, and how 
long it's been since he's last ejaculated. Some guys come a little, 
some come a lot, and age has a lot to do with the amount of 

Instead of saving up semen in order to spurt a bigger load, I'd 
suggest coming on a regular basis. Why focus on the quantity of 
semen? I'd pay more attention to the quality of your orgasms and 
the pleasure you get in sex with yourself and a your partners.

Thanks for reading,

Lorenzo Martini

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